Unlike standard property management software packages, TENNET was developed to address much of the New York regulatory requirements relating to Rent Stablilized apartments. More specifically, with TENNET you have the ability to generate Rent Stabilized Lease agreements with all One & Two year calculations automatically generated at the time the lease is produced.

Produce in-house time sensitive leases 120 days in advance or on whatever schedule you choose to establish…not only for the current Guideline period, but if necessary for previous periods as well. Once again, the increase calculations are done automatically every time you generate the lease. Run ALL stabilized tenants/apartments in advance for a specific month/year or for INDIVIDUAL tenants at your convenience, with the option of both current or previous years increases based on the existing guidelines for One & Two year percentages. Once the executed lease is returned by the tenant, update the Legal Base rent using the effective Future Date of the lease renewal and file it away… TENNET has the ability to store the Future Dated increase & will automatically update the Monthly Recurring Charge information and produce an accurate billing to the tenant once that point in time is reached!

The ability to maintain a legally required advanced notification schedule of expiring leases to your Rent Stabilized tenants is invaluable and is included in the already low cost for the use of TENNET

Just another reason to make TENNET the answer to your property management needs.


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